20 Interesting and Weird Facts About the Author


I was hesitant about doing an 'About the Author' page at first because one - it would be about me, and two - when reading the 'About' pages of other sites, I have noticed that they tend to be dry and boring. Such and such was born blah blah and lives blah blah with their family blah blah. Then I thought, why conform?


~*~ I was born on New Years Eve, December 31, 1983. See? Interesting already.


~*~ I am the writer, graphic designer, website editor, photographer, and model for naturaLiving.


~*~ I first got into the subject of natural health after reading Kevin Trudeau's controversial book 'Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About'.


~*~ I once aspired to be a paranormal romance writer.


~*~ I have a cat named Karma. Sometimes she can be a b*tch.


~*~ I live in Vermont, and I hate snow.


~*~ I cut and style my own hair.


~*~ I would like to have my own small permaculture farm some day.


~*~ I dream in color.


~*~ I hate sappy chick flick and drama movies, I'd rather watch something blow up any day.


~*~ I like to listen to all kinds of music;  except most R & B, rap, and anything with an accordion.


~*~ I see Mike Adams, the Health Ranger as one of my personal heroes. Plus, he's cute. Don't judge me.


~*~ I have bug out bag, just in case...you know...I have to bug out.


~*~ I love the quote;  "Be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Ghandi. But I'm not tattooing it anywhere.


~*~ I have the patience and will of a Capricorn goat climbing a sheer cliff. In the rain. During an earthquake.


~*~ I am a self educator and researcher. I read books, surf the net, listen to the radio, and experiment. No, I do not have a secret lab in my basement.


~*~ I take coffee in my cream.


~*~ I have the song 'Faster' by Within Temptation as a ringtone.


~*~ I sometimes feel the urge to write poetry that doesn't suck.


~*~ I was taught as a kid how to tend a garden by my grandfather, to bake a pie by my great grandmother, to handle a gun my dad, to believe in myself by my mom, and to stand up for myself by my sister. Without them, I wouldn't be half of the person I am today.